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Is the world capital of Guinness and the national capital of Ireland your next destination? Where you stay can help or hinder your Dublin experience, and there are 3 hotels in this magnificent and friendly city that are doing it right.

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Here are the top 3 hotels in Dublin:

Cozy nostalgia in The Gresham


Located on Dublin’s main and most lively thoroughfare, O’Connell Street, The Gresham Hotel is a classic choice for tourists visiting the Irish capital. The Gresham offers single rooms, penthouses, and a variety of suites that cater to more than just the typical overnight stay.


The Gresham is a relic that has been updated in the contemporary style. The hotel is traditional and consistent with the 20th century styles of Dublin. It was established as a hotel in 1817, and was later rebuilt in the 1920s after years of war and turmoil in the country. It’s an old hotel, but this hotel stands stronger, more beautiful, and more dignified than ever before.


From the walls to the curtains and to the pillows, the colours are sophisticated, rich, and the style is very much contemporary and traditional with early 20th century designs. The frills are not excessive, and the overall design, layout, and furnishment gives off the feeling of grandeur coziness.


In the 21st century, new hotels have adopted modern appearances. These newer hotels have quirky and sterile designs with stale-coloured rooms and furniture reeking of plastic material. Rather, you will find polished wood, fine cloth, and appearances in The Gresham that make you feel like you’re drinking Guinness in the 1920s again. You can feel comforted by the nostalgia of The Gresham, and it only makes your Dublin visit all the more cozier.


The Gresham offers deals that range from bed-breakfast deals, discounts for 2-to-3 night stays, exclusive deals for those who book early, and buffet breakfast & tea-time afternoons up in one of the hotel’s finest suites. It’s a hotel that is full of action. People come to The Gresham for a variety of reasons. Not only will you find travelers, but also wedding-goers, people attending special events, and tourists popping in for a look.


Staying at The Gresham is not cheap, but it’s not bank-breaking, either. Standard rooms range for $120-$150. Studios and double rooms range for $150-$250. It’s walking distance from the city’s action, and if you are going to pay to stay in the center of Dublin, The Gresham is the more refined and cozy option. Plus, upon arrival, you can enjoy a complimentary drink.


A boutique stay at The Morgan


Looking for somewhere chic and lavish? Traveling alone, with friends, or with your significant other? The Morgan offers a variety of sleekly sophisticated and boutique suites, contemporary and deluxe rooms, plus a penthouse. The Morgan is located on Fleet Street, a popular and busy street in central Dublin, minutes from Westmoreland Street and the ever-famous pub district.


The Morgan is perfect for young people looking for an extravagant and lively stay. Its sleek, boutique designs are aligned with what most Generation Y professionals want on a vacation in one of the most happening cities in the world. It’s upscale. It’s elegant. It’s chic. It’s right in the action. It is the action.


The Morgan also has a popular and upscale bar-restaurant where travelers and locals alike gather for top-of-the-line cocktails made by the finest mixologists the city has to offer. The Morgan Bar offers a breakfast, lunch, and all-day menu that consists of upscale pub-grub to keep you full and satisfied.


The Morgan is a break from the beer-drinking extravaganza that most people think of when they think of Dublin. Creative liqueurs, topshelf liquor, and the freshest ingredients make up these fancy cocktails, and you can view their cocktail menu here on their website. People are dressing up and flocking there for the bumping scene surrounding these artisan drinks.


The Morgan offers a variety of stays for couples, stay-and-savers, and deals for those attending nearby events. If you’re a no-frills kind of traveler, or have to travel on a budget, this is not the hotel for you. But if you’re a foodie or a cocktail-enthusiast, looking to do Dublin with sophistication, or are a returning visitor who is ready to take your Dublin experience to the next level, this is a hotel worth opening your wallet for.


Budget away from the Dublin bustle at the Red Cow Moran

Dublin is not only a city for drinkers traveling thousands of miles to let loose in one of the most exciting and friendly cities in the world. It’s a city rich in history and beauty, and it’s a country that values family life more than any other. Traveling to Dublin with the kids? No problem! The Red Cow Moran is a budget-and-family-friendly hotel located on the outskirts of Dublin. Rooms typically run in the low $100/night range.


The Red Cow Moran is close to the well-known Red Cow tram station, which can get you to Dublin in no time at all. Though the Red Cow Moran is not located in central Dublin, its location makes it a gateway to the rest of Ireland. It’s cut off from the bustle of Dublin which can be good when traveling with kids or if you’re seeking a quieter stay. If you’re looking to see more of Ireland outside of Dublin, this is a hotel that is close to the highway and can jumpstart the rest of your Ireland trip.


Honourable mention: Jacobs Inn Hostel

Visiting Dublin on a budget? At Jacobs Inn Hostel, you can either stay in a private 1-4 person room, or in one of the dormitories. The Hostel has a cafe, social areas chock-full of fun activities, free wi-fi, printing and computer services, luggage lockers, pub crawls, and movie/game nights.

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