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Our website is devoted to helping you travel the beautiful and historic city of Cork even with the tightest of budgets. Cork, despite being the second-largest city in Ireland, is not an expensive city when compared with other major European cities like London, Paris, and even Dublin. Even still, why spend money when you don’t have to? Here are some strategies and ideas to help you save money on Cork hotels.

Coupon Code Travel Sites:

There are hundreds of coupon sites that freely give away promo codes to save you anywhere from 5-40% off your hotel stay. Considering hotels are usually 75 Euros per night and up, this adds up to substantial savings on multi-night stays. Here are some coupon sites that specialize in travel coupons:

  • CouponFeed – travel discount codes
  • Couponfollow.com
  • groupon.com/coupons

Off-Season Travel:

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Obviously in a northern country like Ireland, summer is the hot season for tourists, and prices increase in tandem with the increase in visitors. You can save a lot by travelling in the winter, fall, or spring.

But! I can hear you say already: I don’t want to vacation in a place when it’s cold! Here’s what you can do: travel in the months attached to the summer. Visiting Ireland in September or May, where it’s still hot but considered off-peak, can give you on-season temperatures with off-season rates.

Money Saving Travel Apps:

Apps are the next great thing when it comes to saving money on your trip. Take an app like ‘Hotel Tonight’. The apps works just like Hotwire, when unfilled hotel rooms can be had for cheap. But with the app on your smartphone, you can book these rooms each night you’re there. So no booking a weeklong stay before you go to Ireland. Each morning you can book a new hotel for yourself at a cheap rate. Every day is a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

Here are some great roundups on travel apps (they do it better than we could!):


Here’s Cork on Google Maps:

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